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Zuccato Energia

zuccato energia

We are a 100% italian firm, located in Verona, Italy, working in the field of renewable energies, with particular regard to Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) electric power generation systems , which have several applications in the efficient conversion of waste heat and low-temperature heat into electricity. We are not just system integrator, as we design and build ourselves the special turbines which are the core of our systems.


The ZE-50-ULH energy production module is an ORC system working on hot water (T≥93°C) and capable of outputting up to 50 kWE of electricity into the grid with a thermal power input of 500-600 kWT. Compact and efficient, it finds its ideal place in applications such as waste heat recovery from engines and industrial processes, small-scale geothermal and solar thermal power generation.


The ZE-150-LT energy production module from Zuccato Energia is an ORC system working on overheated water (T≥155°C) and capable of up to 150 kWE output with a 1100 kWT thermal input. Compact and powerful, it represent the ideal solution for small scale or residential power plants (e.g. biogas-fueled or biomass-fueled plants).

ULH+ Series Modules

The ULH Plus series systems by Zuccato Energia are ORC modules using hot water (≥95°C) as a vector fluid to produce 200 to 300 kWE by exploiting thermal sources having 2500 to 3600 kWT of thermal power. This makes them ideal for those applications where thermal energy is abundant but temperature is low, such as large-scale waste heat recovery or geothermal applications.

CHP Series Modules

The CHP Series ORC modules use over- heated water (T≥160°C) as vector fluid and can be switched in a few minutes from CHP mode, producing both 80°C hot water and electric power, to a full- energy mode devoted to hi-performance power generation, thus being ideal systems for applications where hot sanitary water is required.