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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Explained

Water Underfloor Heating by ECOSMART™, water is stored in a storage tank or geyser. This can include one or more heat sources. The main heat source used by EcoSmart™ is Herz wood log, wood pellet and wood chip boilers. Which is the most Economical, Green and Carbon Neutral way of heating water. EcoSmart™ use Solar Collectors, Heat Pumps, Wood or Pellet Fire Places with Water Heat Exchangers when it comes to Underfloor Heating.

underfloor heatingunderfloor heating systems

The stored hot water is pumped via feed and return pipes to one or more manifolds hidden in the home. the manifolds in turn have special PEX (Polyethylene crossed-linked) pipes with oxygen barrier layer. The PEX is installed in the floor to a special design. The hot water in the pipes is regulated via actuator valves on the manifold and room thermostats distributed throughout the home. Should heating be required in any room according to a set temperature on the thermostat, a signal is passed to the actuator to open, pump and start circulating hot water via the manifold. Leading to the embedded water pipes in the floor. This will function until the desired temperature is reached in the room. The thermostat having reached the set temperature then sends a signal to stop the pump circulation and the actuator valve is closed.

water underfloor heatingunderfloor heating


Energy Efficient
Water may be heated very efficiently using one or more heat sources at a fraction of the price of electrical underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is the best form of heating available with no dust particles being moved around the house. No electromagnetic fields such as in electrical underfloor heating.

Water underfloor heat may be controlled via a simple wired thermostat controller to a sophisticated wireless system that controls the heat throughout the home all year round. The system needs no constant intervention and once programmed will give your home comfort all year round.

The water underfloor heating may be adapted, using heat pumps, to be used for cooling during summer time. The system may be integrated to provide hot water for domestic use, water underfloor heating, pool and Jacuzzi heating, Hydronic heated towel rails, Fan Coil Units and Radiators.