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Metering Options

Know your metering options and obligations:

The City of Cape Town has approved new bylaws which require the owner of a property or those managing the property to install and maintain both:
1. an isolating valve for the water meter
2. a water management device or prepaid meter or sub meters (if not already installed)

The owner of the property or those responsible for the management of the property must also:

1. Monitor and record the monthly water usage
2. Report any water usage that exceeds water restrictions or usage within 21 days, so that the City of Cape Town can take the necessary action
3. Keep the records for at least 24 months

New developments must install water conservation and demand management systems, or alternative water systems.

The owner of the property remains liable to the City for payment of the prescribed charges for all water supplied to the premises through such a meter, irrespective of the different quantities consumed by the different consumers served by such meter.

EcoSmart™ endeavored to find the most efficient solution for Cape Town’s metering needs and installs high quality and cost-effective automatic meter reading systems

The system is easy to use for both landowner and tenant and is much less obtrusive than other options like prepaid water meters.

The System is modular highly accurate and can include:

• Automatic Meter Reading
• Automatic Billing
• Consumer Application

Types of Meters:
• Hot Water
• Cold Water
• Thermal Heating (Space Heating)
• Gas
• Electricity

Industry Leading benefits:
• Mechanical roller register with 1-litre-resolution:
Efficient consumption monitoring in energy data management
• Transfer of the effective meter reading: No data loss and guaranteed security of the billing data
• Register without batteries: No service life restriction
• Robust, high grade wear resistant materials: Excellent measuring stability and reliability
• Measurement of low flow rates: Increased cost effectiveness

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