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Welcome To EcoSmart™

We are South Africa’s leading specialists to supply and install cost-effective renewable energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers. With electricity prices set to continually increasing, EcoSmart™ are fully committed to making our world green.

All of our renewable energy solutions are available to domestic, commercial and industrial customers alike. The major products supplied are briefly described below.

The advantages of water underfloor heating 
Water underfloor heating is the most comfortable heating solution and with the correct heat sources the most cost effective means of  heating. The water is heated by a renewable source such as Herz wood pellets/chips/logs boilers, solar water heating collectors, heat pumps, pellet or wood fire places with water heating, then distributed through underfloor pipes until the correct room temperature is achieved. This method can also be used to cool rooms in the summer by supplying cold water to the underfloor heating pipes.

The advantages of solar power electricity
Solar Power using photo-voltaic panels and SMA inverters is a very cost-effective in creating electricity with low maintenance and environmentally friendly way to power your home or business. After the initial cost of installation you’ll quickly start to reap the benefits as it pays dividends in terms of reducing electricity bills, and very little maintenance over the years! A battery backup system with SMA battery inverter will provide continuous power during load shedding or power outages.

The advantages of evaporative cooling systems
Evaporative cooling systems are the most energy efficient and healthy way to cool your home. The Evaporative Cooler is mounted on the roof of your premises and works by extracting air from outside through filters which are constantly fed with water from a water source. A network of flexible ducting then distributes this cool air around your home!

The advantages of Herz Boilers as heat source
Herz boilers are the best available able to burn wood logs, wood chips or wood pellets, or combination of the above. The Herz Boilers are available from 10 kilowatt to 1.5 Megawatt, and may be cascaded up to six boilers.   The Herz boilers is the most economical way of heating water, and is carbon neutral, therefore exempt from future carbon taxes

The advantages of Fire Places with water heating
EcoSmart™ supply and install various makes of fire places that heat water via heat exchanger. The fire places are available in closed combustion burning either wood logs or wood pellets. Pellet fire places are completely automatic operated via remote control. The pellet fireplaces feed themselves from a built in hopper, igniting itself, and then regulating itself to maintain a set temperature. The fireplaces are therefore an economical way of heating water, while heating a room, and is carbon neutral.

The advantages of other heat sources supplied by EcoSmart™
EcoSmart™ also supply other heat sources from Samsung heat pumps, Samsung air conditioners which also heat water via a hydrobox. Heat pumps from other brand names are also supplied and installed. Solar water heating panels, both Flat Plate and Vacuum Tubes are also supplied and installed.

The advantages of biomass usage as supplied by EcoSmart™
EcoSmart™ supply biomass in the form of Wood Logs, Wood Chips and Wood Pellets to all their clients. EcoSmart™ are in the process of establishing Biomass plants producing logs, chips and pellets in various areas of the country.

The advantages of Rain Water and Grey Water Harvesting and Black Water Systems
EcoSmart™ supply and install Rain Water Harvesting Systems for use to toilers or to supply water to the home when available, Grey Water Harvesting normally for use in the garden on a daily basis. The Black Water System for use in rural areas, installed that the effluent may be used for irrigation.

The advantages of Central Vacuum Systems
EcoSmart™ supply and install the most advanced Silentmaster Central vacuum Systems. 

Welcome To EcoSmart™ as an Agent

The advantages of being an EcoSmart™ agent anywhere in South Africa

  • Training is provided for all products.
  • All products are supplied to agents, with most products being as sole distributorship.
  • Advanced software for quotation systems for all products supplied and installed.
  • All technical drawing for installation and clients supplied by head office.
  • Initial installations completed under supervision.
  • Guaranteed leads and installations in certain areas
  • EcoSmart™ has more than doubled turnover every year, and more than quadrupled in the past two years.
  • Most projects procured are from referrals.
  • EcoSmart™ is also expanding into Africa.
  • Contact our head office or Wolfgang Stöhr on 082 898 4237



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